Matthew Riley is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and producer. He has composed for radio and TV commercials and scored music for documentary films. He has worked in charting and orchestration for TV shows including NBC's The Voice. He has arranged, produced and orchestrated hundreds of songs for churches and recording artists. His arrangements have been heard in theaters, churches, schools and performed by orchestras in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and three kids.


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- Piano/Rhodes/B3 remote session
- String Arranging and tracking - your choice of live players and/or extremely realistic synth strings using the very best strings libraries.
- Horn Arranging
- Synth/Loops/Fx tracks - take your track to the next level with some cool textures or ear candy!
- Orchestration - all styles, all instruments.
- Song demo production - includes my advice and ideas, professional tracking of any instrument, sheet music if requested. Send me your song and we'll get started!
- Chord Chart - a chart with lyrics and chords for a band and vocalist to follow.
- Lead sheet - sheet music with melody, lyrics and chords for a band and vocalist to follow.
- Rhythm Chart - A rhythm chart is like a lead sheet without the lyrics or vocal lines.  By taking the vocal lines out of the staff, there is more room to indicate unique rhythmic notations that are beneficial for guitar, bass and drums.  Generally, these players are not singing with the band, so the vocal lines are not necessary.  The advantage of a rhythm chart over a chord chart is that there is more detailed information about the song map and the exact rhythms of the chord progressions.
- Transcriptions (or sheet music creation) - Your choice of any instrument. Send me a recording and I'll transcribe it to sheet music.
- Custom "backing track" or "accompaniment track" creation - Your choice of high quality midi instruments or live players.
- Custom composition - for your film, drama, video game, promo, commercial, corporate event, wedding, etc..

Here's what people are saying:

"I really love your arrangement and production and still can't get over what feels like a miracle in finding your website and having the opportunity to contribute a musical statement myself to your superb work. You also inspired me to look more into how I could learn how to create good music myself using the fine digital technologies available. Thank you!"
- E. Dixon., San Bruno, CA

“Thank you Matt!! Just downloaded everything…. We are thrilled with your piece. Let us know when you do another one! :)
- Carla H., Grace Immanuel Bible Church, Jupiter, FL

“Thanks for your creative genius and attention to discipline and detail!...Absolutely Amazing! I am overwhelmed and overjoyed! Your parts, and how they are expressed have such precision and feeling!...The string track is magnifico! From its beginning to its ending, you did an excellent job of creating meaningful movements within the song.”
- Kenneth G., Minneapolis, MN



Carol of the Bells Medley - Solo PIANO standalone version now available! 

This is the 6th piano arrangement that I've created for this song and it was by far the most anticipated. Fans had been requesting a piano arrangement that didn't require accompaniment. I had previously created three "piano concerto" type arrangements (Easy Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level) for piano and orchestra which could also be performed with accompaniment tracks.

This one is designed to be performed as a "standalone" solo piano piece. It was arranged for advanced players and is very difficult… Read more